Manufacturing High Quality Bituminous Road Binders for over 80 years…….

Irish Tar Distillers Ltd. was formed in 1938 and in 1962, the company was renamed Irish Tar & Bitumen Suppliers Limited (“Irish Tar”). During this period Irish Tar has become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality bituminous road binders for the road construction and road maintenance industry in Ireland.

Operating from our high-tech manufacturing plant and bitumen terminal in Alexandra Road, Dublin Port, Irish Tar supplies a wide array of customers ranging from local authorities to large multinationals to private family – run businesses. Our fleet of state-of-the-art road tankers can be seen distributing our products across the country.

As an adjunct to our core business, we are distributors for a number of high quality products such as pothole repair materials, release agents and a full range of products for Geotechnical solutions.

Our policy at Irish Tar is to:

  • Provide products and services of the highest quality available in the industry.
  • Promote careful, accurate and efficient response to customer requirements.
  • Be courteous, friendly, efficient, and co-operative in our dealings with customers and suppliers, and with each other.
Bitumen & Bituminous Binders:
Specifications for Paving Grade Bitumen’s
I.S. EN 12591:2009
NSAI Certified
Bitumen & Bituminous Binders:
Framework for specifying cut-back and
Fluxed Bituminous Binders
I.S. EN 15322:2013
NSAI Certified
Bitumen & Bituminous Binders:
Framework for Specifying Cationic
Bituminous Emulsions
I.S. EN 13808:2013
NSAI Certified
Bitumen & Bituminous Binders:
Specification Framework for
Polymer Modified Bitumen’s
I.S EN 14023:2010
NSAI Certified

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