Cold Applied Permanent Pothole Repair – Repairs Potholes Quickly!

Rephalt is a “state of the art” repair material which is used to repair defects on bituminous /asphalt and concrete surfaces. It is supplied in ready to use 25Kg tubs and sets as hard as asphalt upon contact with water and compaction. It can be placed directly into defects containing water and once compacted it will not deform. Once set, Rephalt will not soften again even in warm weather conditions.
Rephalt is BBA / HAPAS approved and is immediately trafficable. Application is simple and cost effective as it can be carried out by one person using the simplest equipment.

Application areas

REPHALT can be used as a permanent repair for:

  • Surface defects such as Potholes
  • Securing Iron Work such as loose gullies and manholes
  • Trench Reinstatements
  • Small ramp construction
  • Crack and Joint repairs

Rephalt Advantages

  • First time Permanent Repair – sets as hard as HRA
  • BBA / HAPAS Approved
  • Quick and Easy to apply
  • No need for specialist equipment
  • Immediately Trafficable
  • Environmentally friendly and solvent free
  • Can be applied on all types of bituminous and concrete surfaces
  • Min 12 month shelf life if stored correctly

Busáras Terminal – Before

Busáras Terminal – After

For further information on our Rephalt product, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Technical Team.