Bituslip is a biodegradable Asphalt Release Agent.

Bituslip is used to enable bituminous materials to discharge freely and without sticking to metallic surfaces. It can be used in various applications such as;

  • Coating clean truck bodies prior to loading at the asphalt plant.
  • Coating chutes in the RAP recycling process.
  • Any other area where you want to prevent asphalt sticking to a metallic surface.

Bituslip has been shown to significantly reduce the tendency for bitumen to adhere to the clean vehicle body, especially when transporting polymer-modified mixes. It is an excellent release agent for contractors loading their own vehicle fleets at their plants and indeed for independent contractors looking to save time and money in keeping their vehicles clean. It is particularly suitable for polymer-modified mixes. Bituslip is environmentally friendly and poses no hazard to health.

Advantages of Bituslip include:

  • Complies with TII’s requirements for release agents.
  • Highly biodegradable.
  • Creates a slippery barrier on clean metal.
  • Coloured to help achieve a visibly even coverage.
  • Not classed as an irritant and perfectly safe to handle.
  • Does not damage bitumen in any way compared to diesel which strips bitumen.
  • Does not harm the ozone layer.

For further information on our Bituslip product, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Technical Team.