Quality Assurance

Irish Tar’s expertise comes from a strong emphasis on Research & Development aligned with Quality, Innovation and Customer Support. Our in-house Binder and Road Materials Laboratories enable us to provide quality assurance and technical expertise to our customers while also allowing us to carry out R&D to develop new products for an ever-changing industry.

Binder Laboratory

The Binder Laboratory at Irish Tar carries out day to day quality control testing under our ISO 9001 quality management system. This ensures that our products remain at the highest quality and consistency.

The laboratory also carries out extensive new product development in conjunction with the Road Materials Laboratory to ensure that Irish Tar & Bitumen Suppliers are at the forefront of innovation in the road construction industry.

Road Materials Laboratory

The Road Materials Laboratory was established at Irish Tar to assist our customers in designing and assessing a wide range of bituminous materials. The laboratory carries out mix design and verification testing in accordance with any relevant European Standards or Irish Specifications. Testing facilities at the laboratory can also be used to assess the in-situ performance of bituminous materials.

In conjunction with the Binder Laboratory, the Road Material Laboratory is also used to develop and assess new products and binders for use in the road construction industry.

If you would like any further information on our laboratories please contact our technical team.

Bitumen & Bituminous Binders:
Specifications for
Paving Grade Bitumen’s
I.S. EN 12591:2009
NSAI Certified
Bitumen and Bituminous Binders:
Framework for specifying cut-back and
Fluxed Bituminous Binders

I.S. EN 15322:2013
NSAI Certified
Bitumen & Bituminous Binders:
Framework for Specifying Cationic
Bituminous Emulsions
I.S. EN 13808:2013
NSAI Certified
Bitumen & Bituminous Binders:
Specification Framework for
Polymer Modified Bitumen’s
I.S EN 14023:2010
NSAI Certified

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