Bitukleen is a bitumen dissolving fluid.

Bitukleen is an environmentally friendly cleaning fluid used in removing bitumen from rakes, shovels, pavers, vehicle bodies, or any other metallic surface. It is primarily made from refined rapeseed oil and is highly biodegradable. It’s also very user friendly: it is not classed as a solvent or irritant, and gives off far fewer fumes than the traditional, more hazardous cleaning fluids such as red diesel.

Traditionally, surfacing contractors will have used red diesel to clean down their equipment, and while diesel is cheap and gets the job done to an extent, in today’s climate where health, safety and environmental concerns are increasingly important, more and more companies are finding that diesel simply isn’t suitable and are turning to more ecologically sound alternatives. The main problems with diesel are its environmentally hazardous nature and potentially dangerous carcinogenic fumes it emits. Bitukleen not only solves both these concerns but is also more effective at dissolving bitumen.

Advantages of Bitukleen include:

  • Highly biodegradable – 87% within 28 days
  • Specifically designed to dissolve bitumen quickly
  • Very high flash point
  • Approved by the major asphalt producers, utilities and local authorities
  • Not classed as an irritant or solvent
  • Does not require special ventilation when used indoors
  • Does not damage the ozone layer or environment

For further information on our Bitukleen product, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our Technical Team.