Viaflex – C72BP3

Viaflex is a polymer modified surface dressing emulsion comprising a unique blend of bitumen and SBS polymers. It has been specially developed to extend the life of surface dressings compared to those carried out with standard 70% Cationic emulsions, particularly on sites where higher traffic volumes and increased numbers of HGVs are having adverse impacts.

Viaflex has excellent elasticity, durability and tenacity characteristics that provide increased tensile, adhesive and cohesive strengths enabling the formation of a much stronger bond between binder and chippings. This permits its use on highly stressed sites where improved retention of chippings is required.

Viaflex’s unique breaking characteristics allow the surface dressing to withstand the action of early traffic until a satisfactory mosaic has been formed. In the longer term, the improved temperature range of Viaflex surface dressing emulsion results in surface dressings with dramatically improved resistance to early chipping loss in cold weather, or fatting up in warm conditions.

Viaflex has been successfully used to surface dress sites with higher traffic volumes such as National Primary, National Secondary and heavily trafficked regional or county roads. It is ideal for use in conjunction with surface dressing techniques such as ‘double dressing’, ‘sandwich dressing’, ‘racking in’, ‘inverted’ and ‘multiple layer dressings’. Viaflex users can achieve a highly cost-effective treatment for surprisingly little more than the cost of using standard 70% emulsion. (c. 10c per sq. m. with 10mm chippings).

Technical Info

Viaflex is produced and CE marked in accordance with I.S. EN 13808-2013 Bitumen and Bituminous Binders – Framework for Specifying Cationic Bituminous Emulsions and complies with Transport Infrastructure Ireland’s (TII’s) specification for Cationic Bituminous Emulsions.

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Bitumen & Bituminous Binders:
Specifications for
Paving Grade Bitumens
I.S. EN 12591:2009
NSAI Certified
Bitumen & Bituminous Binders:
Framework for Specifying Cut-back and
Fluxed Bituminous Binders
I.S. EN 15322:2013
NSAI Certified
Bitumen & Bituminous Binders:
Framework for Specifying Cationic
Bituminous Emulsions
I.S. EN 13808:2013
NSAI Certified
Bitumen & Bituminous Binders:
Specification Framework for
Polymer Modified Bitumens
I.S EN 14023:2010
NSAI Certified

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